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Harsh Environments

Harsh Environments

Harsh environments require rugged and technical products to achieve the best performances. Resistance to harsh climatic, environmental and electrical conditions is critical. Amphenol Socapex offers various materials and plating to fit numerous environmental applications, such as high temperature, fire, salty water, shock and so on… Our product technologies provide guaranteed protection and enhanced product life.
corrosion resistance


plating on the shell

>This material, used in connector shells, was initially selected by the British Navy for a new generation of ships.

>Ideal in high temperature environments and in harsh vibration conditions, they provide firewall capabilities to resist high temperatures such as engine applications.

>Extremely reliable, offering conductivity and 500 hours salt spray exposure reisstance, it’s widely used for military applicaitons. Combining experience and state-of-the-art-equipment, Amphenol Socapex continues to innovate offering the latest technologies and custom design solutions to its customers.