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High-speed data transmission

High-speed data transmission technologies to fulfill the high speed interconnect needs

> Amphenol is a leading interconnect solutions provider for the high-speed market. With a wide product portfolio to support speeds till 25 Gbps, Amphenol is sure to have an interconnect solution to meet your growing need for speed, by managing various technologies :

>Board level connectors operating at data rates up to 25 Gbps
>Backplanes, daughterboards and flexible solutions featuring three sequential laminations
>for blind and buried via’s and via-fill with dozens 100Ω differential pairs up to 18 layers
>RF connectors, contacts & phase matched cable assemblies
>Fiber optic connectors, contacts & cable assemblies
>RJ for Ethernet signals, switches & COTS solutions

High-speed expertise

>Amphenol offers its expertise for every high-speed development including modeling, simulation and testing solutions. The Amphenol capabilities include differential impedance measurement, propagation delay simulation, insertion & return loss modeling, near-end cosstalk (NEXT) & far-end crosstalk (FEXT) characterization and eye diagram realization.

Modeling & Simulation

>HFSS Ansoft & CST Microwave Studio provide a powerful simulation and modeling capability (3D model development tools)
>Real-Time dynamic design improvements
>S-parameter extraction & SPICE analysis & Eye Diagram
>Link modeling allows the complete electrical path simulation from board to board through a backplane

Test capability

>Vector Network Analyzer provides a unique signal integrity station, for both time and frequency domains
>TDR & BERT features for time domain evaluation & Eye diagram
>S-parameter extraction to 9Ghz
>Smith Chart

Correlation between simulation and measurement


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