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Oil & Gas connectors

Oil & Gas

Over the years, the technology used in oil exploration has steadily increased in sophistication and Amphenol has been there in forefront. Every oil & gas market is supported with Amphenol dedicated products. Amphenol helps you working in extreme environment. -55°C to +200°C working temperatures, 25000 psi, offshore, subsea, desert…


>Land & Marine seismic surveys require to be performed in more and more diverse environments (from hot and sandy deserts to cold icy artic environments), with an increased channel count. Amphenol Socapex has the range of copper, Ethernet, coaxial, fiber optic contacts in an infinite number of shells, to meet your need.

> Do you need geophysical cables, sensing devices, connectors (electrical and fiber optic), cable assemblies, copper or hybrid streamers ? Amphenol has the solution.

On/off Shore drilling

>Downtime costs are so important that using communication and power links you can rely on is paramount.
Amphenol is using standard cables recognized on the field and connectors you can trust.
For example, real harsh environment solutions such as our reinforced PT 451 or our fiber optic CTOS are commonly used.


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