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Receptable Stand off for 38999


Stand off receptacles for 38999 allow to fix directly the connector to the board with 3 or 4 screws.
The square flange and jam nut receptacles are equipped with PC tail contacts and stand-off. This feature avoids the use of fastening device during the soldering process and ensures a perfect grounding between the shell of the connector and the ground of the board. It prevents any mechanical stress on the contacts' terminations during the life of the equipment and increases the reliability and the resistance to shocks and vibrations.


- Receptacles with stand-off flange shells, for attachment to printed circuit boards
- The contacts are tin plated. Lead free versions available
- Available in wall mount (TVP00) and jam nut (TV07) configurations
- Prevent any mechannical stress on the contact tails
- Provide grounding continuity between PCB and box
- Increase reliability and resistance to shocks and vibrations
- For composite versions, please consult us.
Available for LJT, JT, TV, CTV, SJT, RNJ, RNJLP, SC39


Download standoff receptacle datasheet


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