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Test Laboratory

Test Laboratory

In place for the past twenty years with a staff of nine people, the Socapex Amphenol engineering laboratory provides full service expertise for measuring mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

Amphenol Socapex Engineering Laboratory

>Its engineers have both field experience and engineering expertise to provide application solutions in the phases of design, development and manufacturing of connectors.
Divided into three departments, “management of means of measurement”, “metrology”and “testing”, the laboratory acts as an expert to anticipate design defects and validate technological choices.

A few figures:
- 3000 measuring devices managed
- 400 requests for tests per year
- 550 requests for metrology per year

>With its laboratory, Amphenol Socapex can technically meet the requirements of the standards and demands of its customers in terms of expertise.
The lab is also developing skills on new technologies such as high frequency, broadband, characterization and behavior of materials.

>The laboratory of Amphenol Socapex is certified by the Center for the Defense of the United States (DLA).

>Amphenol Socapex test laboratory is certified by the Defense Center of USA for design verification, testing, calibrating and qualification. The test center is able to perform a wide range of mechanical, environmental and material tests for fiber optic and electrical components. You will find below a brief description of our different tests and equipments to reproduce harsh environment conditions.
Electrical testing Mechanical testing Environmental testing
>Dielectric with standing voltage
>Insulation resistance
>Contact resistance
>Electrical continuity
>Transfer impedance
>Shielding effectiveness
>Data rating
>Insertion loss
>Contact/Insert retention
>Tensile strenght
>Coupling torque
>Thermal shock
>Salt spray
>Temperature cycling
>Immersion(up to 10 bar)
>Air leakage
>Helium leakage